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100 Posts!! :)

Yay!!! I just recently reached my 100th post!!

I just wanted to say that, and I might as well tell you some other things too!!:

  • 1,935 views all-time
  • 4 shares and…..
  • 1 view today!! 😀

Thanks to everyone who is following our blog! I love reading everyone’s blog posts and I love writing posts for you to read! 🙂



Blog Views

Today I went on WordPress and I clicked on my stats. I scrolled down the page and- woah!! 180 views – all time. I never expected so many views! Yes, I know that 180 views isn’t that much. But it’s hard for me to believe that some people would be interested in this stuff that Kat and I post. When we just started blogging in March, we were just blogging for the fun of it- we only thought our family would read it. But since then, our parents helped us with it, and our dad posted stuff about us on his blog and tweeted about us on Twitter. If you visit other people’s blogs and comment on their posts, that brings you more traffic, too, we learned.

There are thousands of blogs out there, why would people want to read ours?, we wonder. It doesn’t matter to us, it’s that people actually took the time to read our posts and to comment on them. I have met lots of people and read/liked/commented on lots of blogs, and you can find genuine blogs out there- you just have to know where and how to look. Here are some good ones.

I was also looking at how I have 7 followers! Again, I know it’s not a lot, but I’m still pretty excited (btw, when I try to click on the followers see who follows my website, it says I can’t look at it! I’m not an administrator, so if you look on that, can you see who follows your site? Just wondering).

When I look back on it, I’m glad I made this blog with Kat. What would have happened if I didn’t make a blog? I guess I wouldn’t know how many great blogs there are out there, or how many people actually care about writing, or anything else I learned about blogging. So in the end (or beginning, since this is definitely not the end) I just want to thank everyone and anyone who ever looked at my blog and the people who helped me with it a.k.a. my parents.  Bye, everybody! 😉