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Washing Stains

Hey guys, Kit here! Don’t you just hate it when you get a stain on your favorite shirt, and you don’t know how to get it out? That happens a LOT to me! Here are some guaranteed ways you can get even the toughest stains out.

  • Treat stains as quickly as possible. If you just leave it in the dirty laundry for a few days, that’s not going to cut it. Try to wash it in the next few hours-the quicker, the better.
  • For fruit-based stains, pour boiling water over them. They will automatically disappear!
  • Separate all your clothes into different colors. Whether you separate darks from lights, or reds from darks, you DON’T want your white top to turn into a pink one!
  • If you have a really sparkly tee, turn it inside-out. This will prevent all the sequins or glitter from falling off and going onto your other clothes!
  • Use the correct wash setting. For jeans and sweats, use the “heavy load” cycle, for nightgowns and silky things, use the “delicate” cycle.
  • Use hot water for whites and cold water for bright colors.

Well, thanks for talking with me! Hope to see you soon! 🙂


Hairstyles For Your Face Shape

Hey guys, this is Kit! I just wanted to tell you about all the great hairstyles out there for YOUR specific face shape! Here are some ideas:

Oval-shaped~ These girls can pull off just about any hair style!

Do’s: DO anything you feel like doing with your hair! It’s YOUR hair! Why have it any other way?

Don’ts: DON’T put any hair over your face. It seems to add weight to your face. Why cover up anything on your face?

Square-shaped~ These girls should go for a short or medium-length hairstyle with this face shape.

Do’s: DO put fullness on the side of your face. It will add to the look of your rectangular shape. DO add wispy bangs to your face. It will shorten the look of the long shape of your face.

Dont’s: DON’T have too much hair length. This will make your face look even longer! Avoid having your hair go longer than your shoulder.


Do’s: DO get hairstyles with off-center parts. This helps reduce the look of the roundness of your face shape. DO layer the top part of your hair and keep the rest of your hair cut close to your face. This helps make your face shape appear longer and narrower.

Don’ts: DON’T get your hair cut to the length of your chin with a rounded line to it. This makes your face look even rounder than it already is! (Not that your face shape is a bad shape, you just don’t want to overdo it!) DON’T get a center part if possible. This makes your round face shape seem rounder. DON’T get straight-cut bangs. Again, it makes your face seem rounder.


Do’s: DO get wispy bangs or layers. The bangs will help soften the harsh edges of your square-shaped face and the layers at the TOP of your head will accentuate your symmetrical shape.

Don’ts: DON’T get straight hair. It will stress the straight jawbone. Stick with wavy or curly hairstyles.

Thanks for talking about hairstyles with me! TTYL! 🙂

Eye Shadow Colors

Hi, Kat here! I’m going to talk to you about some great tips for your eyes. Come chat with me for a while!

Blue-Eyed Gals: Apply earthy tones such as brown, gray, pink, or purple. This will give you a great classy look.

Brown-Eyed Ladies: Use green, pink, blue, or gold tones. This will definitely give you a sassy kind of look.

Green-Eyed Girls: Add some browns and lavender to those pretty eyes. These colors are guaranteed to make your eyes POP out!

Hazel-Eyed Females: You should definitely apply some brown based colors, pink, or cream colored eyeshadow to your eyes to make them look absolutely amazing. The trick is to stick with neutral colors. They look best with hazel eyes.

Thanks for talking with me! Hope to see you soon! 8>