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100 Posts!! :)

Yay!!! I just recently reached my 100th post!!

I just wanted to say that, and I might as well tell you some other things too!!:

  • 1,935 views all-time
  • 4 shares and…..
  • 1 view today!! 😀

Thanks to everyone who is following our blog! I love reading everyone’s blog posts and I love writing posts for you to read! 🙂



Hey, Long Time, No See!

Hey everyone. I feel like I haven’t posted in a while, even though it’s been only seven (?) days. But don’t worry! All that time I’ve been on WordPress checking my Reader and Freshly Pressed and doing other stuff too. I just didn’t know what to write!

This week I’m staying at my grandparents house while my parents are working. This month I don’t have much to do. Next week my mom is off from work so I get to stay home. Then the next week I’m going to my other grandparents house who live 5 hours away in Pittsburgh. Then I’m going to my grandparents house where I’m here right now. Then it’s (ugh, don’t say it!!!) back to school. Bleh, boring school. I don’t even want to talk about it. 🙂

Anyway, I guess my summer so far has been really good. The beach, camps, and lots and lots of relaxing. My favorite part of the year! 🙂