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Happy (Late!) Halloween!!

Happy Halloween everyone, even though it was yesterday! 😀

For Halloween we couldn’t do anything because of Hurricane Sandy (ughhh). So instead we stayed at my grandparents house. At my house we bought tons of candy, but we weren’t there to eat it! 😀 And we couldn’t go back to our house because we have no power; it’s about 50 degrees!

So over the past few days Kat, my 4-year old sister and I stayed over my grandparents house. And guess what! We don’t have any school because they don’t have any electricity!! Woo-hoo!! 😀

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a great week!! See you soon!! 🙂

~Kit ❤





No Posts!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a LONG time, I’ve just been too caught up in school and swim team practices and who knows what else.

Well, I’m glad to be back!!  🙂

100 Reasons to Be Happy

  1. Sunsets
  2. Sunrises
  3. Warm pancakes
  4. Rainbows after a rain storm
  5. Family get-together
  6. Holidays
  7. Ancient paintings
  8. You are alive
  9. You’re healthy
  10. Someone loves you
  11. Being unhappy is a waste of time
  12. You have clean water and good food
  13. All kinds of music
  14. You have a warm, cozy house
  15. You had great clothes to wear this morning
  16. You stand up for what you believe in
  17. You were finally able to get something that you have been wanting forever
  18. You smiled at someone and made their day
  19. Shooting stars
  20. You believed in yourself when no one else did
  21. You saved someone’s life
  22. You matter
  23. You have big goals and dreams
  24. A job well done
  25. Donuts
  27. You made a million bad decisions but you’re still alive
  28. There are thousands of interesting people in the world to meet
  29. You’ve traveled across the world and had an amazing experience
  30. You have great friends
  31. You have your own secrets that no one else knows
  32. You’re committed to finding your purpose in life and you’re almost there
  33. You can do whatever you want in life
  34. Kindness
  35. You can run as far as you want on your early morning run
  36. A clear blue sky
  37. The Bahamas
  38. It’s NEVER too late to do anything
  39. Someone is willing to listen
  40. The best time to follow your dreams is now
  41. You hung in there even when you were ready to give up
  42. No matter what happens, it will all be good in the end
  43. You got a good night’s sleep
  44. It’s a good hair day
  45. Yesterday’s gone, tomorrow never comes, today is all we have. So might as well be happy!
  46. Right now, everything is perfect
  47. You light up the room when you walk into it
  48. Everyone you know loves and supports you.
  49. When you stay present, there is nothing to worry about
  50. You have the best pet in the world
  51. You met someone new today
  52. You reconnected with a long-lost friend
  53. There is no one in the world exactly like you
  54. People care
  55. The power to vote and change your future
  56. You live in the time where you have all the luxuries you need
  57. You need very little to feel happy
  58. Progress
  59. Long, hot showers
  60. The world is ready to transform and YOU are leading the change
  61. The simplest pleasures in life are free
  62. If you made a list of all that’s good in your life right now, it would be as tall as you are
  63. You are good enough
  64. Being rewarded for being YOU
  65. Free speech
  66. YOU make your OWN decisions and YOU are happy with them
  67. Your parents will always be there for you
  68. New friends!
  69. Many people are getting over cancer
  70. More illnesses have cures today than ever before
  71. Happiness is contagious
  72. Love your life right now, because some day it will change and you will miss what you have now
  73. You are not alone in this world
  74. For every piece of bad news in the world, there is an equal amount of good news
  75. There is ALWAYS a way
  76. You can walk down the streets without fearing for your life
  77. You did something nice to a stranger and they passed it on
  78. You turned out pretty good after all
  79. You can wear what you want, do what you want, say what you want, whenever you want
  80. You are creative, resourceful, and whole
  81. If you got sick, someone would take care of you
  82. Magic
  83. Miracles
  84. Meaningful adventures
  85. You make a difference in someone’s life everyday
  86. You know what it’s like to laugh until it hurts
  87. You respect yourself and others
  88. In so many ways, you can change the world
  89. Hot chocolate on a cold, winter day
  90. You’re not afraid to cry
  91. You can have almost everything you want
  92. If you have many passions, you have a whole life to live them out
  93. Warm, summer nights
  94. You can be who you want to be
  95. The glass is half-full
  96. You learn a new thing every day
  97. You have accomplished great things
  98. You can take responsibility and be empowered
  99. There is something good in every day
  100. All it takes to start changing your life is a change in perspective.

🙂                                                                                                                               🙂