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Eye Shadow Colors

Hi, Kat here! I’m going to talk to you about some great tips for your eyes. Come chat with me for a while!

Blue-Eyed Gals: Apply earthy tones such as brown, gray, pink, or purple. This will give you a great classy look.

Brown-Eyed Ladies: Use green, pink, blue, or gold tones. This will definitely give you a sassy kind of look.

Green-Eyed Girls: Add some browns and lavender to those pretty eyes. These colors are guaranteed to make your eyes POP out!

Hazel-Eyed Females: You should definitely apply some brown based colors, pink, or cream colored eyeshadow to your eyes to make them look absolutely amazing. The trick is to stick with neutral colors. They look best with hazel eyes.

Thanks for talking with me! Hope to see you soon! 8>