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Goodbye Cookie! :(

About a week or so ago my parents decided that Cookie was too much to handle. Now don’t think we’re crazy, it’s just Cookie and Cooper would ALWAYS fight and we could never stop them. We thought it was just a playful thing, but pretty soon their “playing” included Cooper dragging Cookie across the room by her neck and Cookie always trying to bite Cooper.

We soon decided it would be best to let Cookie go to a new and better home. My mom put up pictures of Cookie around at where she works and pretty soon we had some people who wanted to take her.

There was one person that called my mom first, so we wanted to see if he wanted to take her. One day we took Cookie and drove her out to where my mom works so he could see her.

He loved her the moment he saw her. Later that day he came to our house to pick her up and try to see how she would cope with him at his house for a few days. He also has cats so he wanted to see how the cats would react, too.

After a few days he said he wanted to keep Cookie. We were sad, but in the end it was all about what Cookie needs in her life to make it a healthy and happy one.

Don’t worry, we get to see pictures on Facebook, we sometimes can visit her, and since he works with my mom we get to hear cute stories from her when she gets home from work!

I look forward to seeing her again, and the man who bought Cookie might change her name. I’ll try and keep everybody posted on updates from Cookie as much as possible, I promise! 🙂


New Puppy to Post About!

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Here are some pictures of our new puppy, Cookie! A Boston terrier dachshund mix, and she weighs only 3.5 pounds! She was the smallest puppy in the store we went to, and the only one with spots. Cookie loves to sleep on anyone. I figured out that even though Cooper cuddles with me, Cookie would be the more likely one to fall asleep on you. It’s SO cute! Right now I’m typing with one hand, because if I just put her in my lap she would come right back into my arms. 🙂