Where Has the Time Gone?

I’m sorry we haven’t wrote in a while! When was the last time we posted? Probably on forever!!

Anyway we just finished round one of our swim meet this weekend tomorrow we have to get up at 5:45 to get there. ( it’s SO tiring!)

I hope everyone hasn’t unfollowed us. I really want to get back to posting. We will post again soon!






O.k… As much as I LOVE Star Wars, the fact that this petition got over 25,000 signatures, enough to make it to The White House, is a little disturbing to me.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take one minute and sign our petition below. These kids deserve the recognition and the awareness as they are fighting for their lives. Please do it for the kids who are no longer here, who are still fighting, and even the one’s who will be diagnosed in the future. This problem is NOT going away just because it is being ignored. I will be heartbroken if this does not make it to The White House.

Thank you all who have signed and shared. Please continue to share with this everyone and anyone.


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Seven a.m.
Sitting at my Mac,
I check email,
click on blog notices.

Peter walks by.
“What’s happening
in the Blogosphere?”
he says.

“Oh, Madame Weebles
just got Freshly Pressed,
Le Clown was featured
on The Daily Post,
Clare went to Edinburgh,
Brigitte came back
from Woodstock,
and LameAdventures
is taking a break.”

“That’s nice,” he says.
Doesn’t know
the details,
but knows it’s
important to me.

Each day starts
with blogging.
More than writing posts,
I read,

Sometimes, one comment,
sometimes back and forth.
It takes time
for me and them.

I don’t click “like”
unless I’ve read the post.
And I”d rather go
to their website
to click.
It raises their hits.

I’ll write a poem,
post a quote,
compose an essay.
Then go to my files.
find the right shot,
upload that.

Or create a mandala
on Painter,

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