100 Posts!! :)

Yay!!! I just recently reached my 100th post!!

I just wanted to say that, and I might as well tell you some other things too!!:

  • 1,935 views all-time
  • 4 shares and…..
  • 1 view today!! 😀

Thanks to everyone who is following our blog! I love reading everyone’s blog posts and I love writing posts for you to read! 🙂


Happy (Late!) Halloween!!

Happy Halloween everyone, even though it was yesterday! 😀

For Halloween we couldn’t do anything because of Hurricane Sandy (ughhh). So instead we stayed at my grandparents house. At my house we bought tons of candy, but we weren’t there to eat it! 😀 And we couldn’t go back to our house because we have no power; it’s about 50 degrees!

So over the past few days Kat, my 4-year old sister and I stayed over my grandparents house. And guess what! We don’t have any school because they don’t have any electricity!! Woo-hoo!! 😀

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a great week!! See you soon!! 🙂

~Kit ❤