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Sights of Pittsburgh Part 2

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I’ve talked to you about Pondering The Path Of Your Feet for a while now. Do I have nothing else to say? Well, not quite. If you know me, you know that I can think of quite a number of things to talk about.

But this thing… this counsel from God’s word doesn’t let me rest. It doesn’t allow me to continue walking through life without taking action, without taking responsibility. It’s verses like these that jump out of God’s word shouting loudly…. DETOUR!! LAST EXIT HERE!

See, I truly believe that God shows us where and when we are headed in the wrong direction. I believe his Holy Spirit leads us in truth in all areas of our lives. We have no excuse. Laziness. Procrastination. Lack of attention. Disobedience. None a worthy excuse for not doing what we know to do.

Anyone then, who knows the good he ought…

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Great ideas! 🙂

Ribbon Paper Scissors

I am glad to know I am not the only one that feels like laundry is a never ending battle. We are a family of five and I never see the end of dirty laundry. I recently asked some friends what are some problem areas in their life and laundry is an issue. I am not the expert of laundry but I do have a system that works for us. That is if I keep up with it. I decided to share in order to help those that can’t enter their laundry rooms.

Highlights of this blog

  • Baskets, baskets and more baskets
  • Sorting system
  • 1 load everyday ~ wash, fold, and put away
  • Folding and ironing



First, don’t fight the dirty laundry piles. If there are places that naturally accumulate dirty clothes instead of telling those you love for the millionth time to come pick…

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