Blog On Fire Award!


I just figured out that we got an award from BeefGriller called the Blog On Fire Award!

Now I have to say eight things about myself:

  1. I want to be an elementary teacher
  2. My new favorite book is Witch by Christopher Pike
  3. I CAN wait for school to start
  4. But I love to shop for school supplies
  5. I want new clothes! 🙂
  6. I like reading new blogs
  7. My favorite holiday is Christmas!! 😉
  8. I LOVE to swim.

Now I have to nominate 8 bloggers! :

Crafty Staci

One Thousand Single Days

Dreams of Color

Some For All

Love Allie

Life At It’s Best

Life Takes Over

Cake and Enemy

Again, thank you BeefGriller for nominating us! 😉


One thought on “Blog On Fire Award!

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