Great idea! … I found this when I was on my Reader.

Magazine File Organization Container

If you have 15 minutes to spare, you can make some awesome {Magazine Files} to help tame your paper clutter. It’s easy, inexpensive (or free if you have some wrapping paper stashed away), and looks great!

{DIY} Here’s how:

1. Keep your empty cereal boxes (Make sure they are clean. No cereal crumbs allowed!)


2.) Cut your cereal box in desired shape. I used my existing {Mail Station} Magazine File as a template.


3.) Find some pretty paper. I used this wrapping paper from the Dollar Tree. I was able to cover 5 Magazine Files and 2 trays with one roll. You don’t have to go out and buy wrapping paper. Check your stash of paper products (including scrapbooking paper).

Measure out the amount of paper needed.


4.) To cut excess paper- fold paper in half, lay box on top, and cut along the right top corner.


5.) Start wrapping…

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