AAH! The Beach!!

Today at camp, we took a field trip to Seaside Heights! It was amazing, partly because I LOVE the beach! If anyone doesn’t, just comment on this below (oh my gosh I’m going to faint!).

What is it, that one thing that everyone just loves about the beach? Maybe it’s the feeling of the grains of sand squeezing their way through your toes. Or the way the waves give you a rush of adrenaline when they hit you or when you bounce over the huge ones. Or it’s the way the sky looks when the sun is shining brightly across the shore. Whatever it is, I love every part of it. When my parents, sisters, grandparents, and my uncle, aunt, and cousins and I go to Ocean City, NJ, it feels like time either slows down or speeds up and I can’t live in the moment forever. I LOVE going to Ocean City, I have almost all of my beach memories there.

In the future, I would also love to go to the Bermuda or Australian beaches, but for now, I’m just going to enjoy my summer and the time I have in the beach closest to me. 🙂

2 thoughts on “AAH! The Beach!!

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