The Vampire Stalker

Hey guys, this is Kit! There’s this GREAT book that I read and I couldn’t put down! I recommend to read it as soon as possible! It’s called The Vampire Stalker by Allison Van Diepen.

It’s about the main character Amy who is in love with someone who doesn’t exist: Alexander Banks, the hero in a popular series of vampire novels. Then one night, Amy meets a boy who looks creepily like Alexander. Actually, he IS Alexander, who has escaped from the pages of the book and is in hot pursuit of a wicked vampire named Vigo. Together, Amy and Alexander set out to track down Vigo and learn how and why Alexander crossed over into Amy’s world. But when she and Alexander begin to fall for each other, Amy wonders if she even wants him to ever return to the realm of fiction.

I hope you can read this book soon! (It’s AWESOME!)

~Kit 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Vampire Stalker

  1. I just started reading “City of Bones” — I think you might like it if you liked this Vampire book. It’s all about the supernatural, good vs evil etc. It’s a fun read.

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